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The events following water damage can be overwhelming. Dealing with the insurance company, contacting a professional restoration contractor, and cleaning up the mess left behind can drain you. At Highlands County Restoration Pros, we take most of these tasks off your hands. First, we will provide water damage repair services to ensure your basements, roofs, ceilings, and walls are in good condition. We will also repair damaged furniture, carpets, and floors.

At Highlands County Restoration Pros, our mission is to rid homeowners of the hassle and stress of water damage restoration. We want you to feel secure knowing the job is in our hands. Here’s what we do:

  • Offer water damage repair services, such as replacing drywall, repairing the furniture, and restoring carpets.
  • Do mold remediation to make your home healthy and safe.
  • Use the best equipment and procedures to ensure your home is as dry as possible.
    Provide guidance and support to help you get back on track.

We also offer free estimates and 24/7 emergency services. So if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced water damage restoration company, call Highlands County Restoration Pros for help.

What you should know about about water damage restoration and water damage repair

Water damage does not discriminate. It affects every and all areas of your home. But the roof and basements often take the most severe blows due to their position in the house. Basement flooding and ceiling water damage are common occurrences in homes sustaining water damage.

Water damage can occur due to two leading causes: natural disasters and plumbing issues. The former is often inevitable; the best you can do is prepare for it in advance. The latter can be avoided. Here’s how:

Check your electric appliances regularly

Everything from your washing machine to the dishwasher can become the root cause of water damage in your home. It might have a small leak or condensation, but tiny issues can snowball into more significant problems. Check the electrical connections and hoses to ensure there are no looks. If your appliances are not functioning correctly, repair them before continuing use.

Winterize your home

It is astounding how many homeowners have yet to winterize or insulate their homes, especially the plumbing pipes. It would be best to insulate the pipes to prevent them from freezing and eventually bursting. It’s also important to caulk all crevices in windows, doors, and other areas to keep the heat in the house.

Check your gutters regularly

The gutters are responsible for draining rainwater away from your home. If the gutters are not regularly cleaned, water can go back onto the roof and into your house.

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Looking out for mold after water damage

Water damage gives rise to many mold species, including black mold, Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Stachybotrys. While many consider black mold the only hazard, other mold types can be just as dangerous, especially for people with respiratory conditions.

How do you identify mold?

Mold has a characteristic musty smell that spreads around a space as soon as the number of colonies increases. Plus, you can see mold colonies on your belongings and walls. Black mold, as the name indicates, is black. But mold also has other colors, such as green, blue, yellow, and white.

How do you clean mold?

You can make a DIY cleaning solution by mixing water and detergent. Or mix in vinegar to increase the cleaning potency. Use protective gear, such as gloves, mask, and eye protection, when cleaning the mold. Please remember to open the windows and remove all affected items from the room for proper air circulation.

How can a professional help?

A water damage restoration company will use commercial-grade cleaning solutions and specialized equipment to remove the mold. They also take preventive measures to stop it from returning in the future.

For example, they have moisture meters to determine moisture content in the air. Suppose they detect moisture, which can encourage future mold growth. In that case, they will use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the air.

Tips for identifying different types of mold

All types of mold have a distinctive smell that can help you identify them. Also, be aware of a musty, damp odor that often accompanies the presence of mold. But if you have to differentiate one mold type from another, you will have to look at its texture and color. Here are some common ones you will find in your home after water damage.

  • Aspergillus: It looks like a light green powdery substance and can be found on walls, ceilings, and carpets.

  • Cladosporium: It is black or dark green in color. Cladosporium grows on the back of toilets, window frames, or shower stalls.

  • Penicillium: It has a powdery or velvety texture. The colors can be white, yellow, gray-green, blue-green, or pinkish.

  • Stachybotrys: Stachybotrys are also black or dark green and have a slimy texture. You will find it on materials with high cellulose content, like paper, gypsum board, or fiberboard.

However, mold identification is something other than what you should be spending your time on. At the same time, water is still present in your home. Therefore, the best thing to do is to call a professional remediation team to take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Water damage from basement flooding

As already mentioned, basements are vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, you must take immediate action if your basement floods every time it rains.The first step is to identify the source of the water. Next, you can use a water hose to trace the path of water. Then, you can install check valves and backflow preventers to keep the water out.

Check your drainage system for any clogs or blockages if the flooding persists. The water may be unable to leave your home due to an obstruction. Once you clear this hindrance, the problem may leave.

What to do when your basement floods

Your first response should be to turn off the electricity and water supply. You do not want the water to contact any wires or cables. Second, start removing the water as soon as possible. You can use a sump pump to get rid of the excess water. If you don’t have a sump pump or there’s too much water for DIY work, get help from a professional.

At Highlands County Restoration Pros, we use commercial-grade water extractors to remove the water and restore your basement to its original state. Call us now for help with water damage restoration in Avon Park, FL.

Ceiling water damage causes and prevention tips

When the source of water damage is through the roof, there is an immediate risk of ceiling damage. What makes this more dangerous is that you cannot really see the source of the leak. The only way to prevent ceiling damage is to identify and fix this water issue. Check your roof for any cracks or missing shingles. It is also possible the flashing around your chimney is missing or damaged.

Common causes of ceiling water damage

The most common causes of ceiling water damage are damaged or missing shingles, cracked flashing, and malfunctioning gutters. A dripping pipe or air conditioner can also get moisture in the ceiling.

How do you fix ceiling water damage?

Refrain from attempting to DIY this, as your rookie mistakes could lead to the ceiling falling in, causing extensive damage that will cost thousands of dollars in repair. Instead, call us at Highlands County Restoration Pros.

We use air movers, scrubbers, and other air-filtration devices to dry and dehumidify the affected area. We also use thermal imaging cameras to spot hidden moisture in walls and ceilings. Get in touch with us, and we’ll immediately begin ceiling water damage repair.

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We keep our project timelines tight. Rest assured that your water damage repair will begin immediately after our team arrives. Our cutting-edge equipment and specialized training set us apart from the competition, making our services more efficient and affordable.

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